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Through workshops, clinics, and private instruction, our comprehensive camp experience is designed to hone music performance and ensemble skills in a creative and fun environment. We know from experience that playing in a band situation speeds learning and creates “seasoned” musicians. Even relatively advanced musicians are amazed at the amount of progress they make when regularly playing with other musicians.

Students work in a hands-on atmosphere that includes:

  • Learning the nuts and bolts of live performance
  • Studio/band rehearsal time
  • Instruction and clinics with music professionals
  • Music theory and songwriting courses
  • Rock & Roll music appreciation
  • Interacting with other young musicians
  • A LIVE rock show performance for your friends and family
  • Having fun!

Beatles' Red Album Camp $800Purchase required to enroll

10-Day Songwriting and Recording Camp $1,700Purchase required to enroll

Best of The 90s Rock Camp $800Purchase required to enroll

Rolling Stones Camp $800Purchase required to enroll

Beatles Camp June 18-22 Purchase required to enroll

Songwriting and Recording Camp Purchase required to enroll

Southern Rock Camp July 23-27 Purchase required to enroll

Green Day Camp June 25-29 Purchase required to enroll

Bowie Camp $800Purchase required to enroll

Beatles' Blue Album Camp $800Purchase required to enroll

AC/DC vs. Black Sabbath Camp $800Purchase required to enroll

Led Zeppelin Camp $800Purchase required to enroll